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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Why men need this facial therapy

Face up to your true potential Men with healthy skin often look more attractive and feel more manly. More men today are realising the importance of looking good and how this can boost your face value and up their attractiveness factor, whether with women or in opening more doors to opportunities. Other than having a…
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Zero downtime to looking good

Doing this an hour a month for six months may have you looking 5 years younger When was the last time you closely looked yourself closely in the mirror? Did you realise that age lines and coarse skin had surfaced over the years? Does your neck seem a bit wrinkled? Do you see your skin…
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Accentuate your eyes. Erase age lines

Your eyes are tell-tale age signs Want to look suave and youthful with minimal effort? Check out Men’s Skin Centre’s Venus Freeze eye therapy. Why the eyes first? Did you know that age lines are most visible through the eyes? Eyes age over time. They are prone to skin sagging, dark circles and crow’s feet…
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Sexy Male Edge

The male attraction factor begins with the eyes Your first contact with women is often through the body physique but on the other hand, when women look at men, it’s often like seeing through a looking glass with the eyes. Yes, eye to eye contact and no man wants to risk looking gaunt and tired…
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