Monthly Archives: March 2016

3 Reasons to Lose Belly Fat

3 Reasons to Lose Belly Fat Eating is all fun until a belly begins to form, and before you know it, missing gym is no more an option. Many of us have been there before, skipping the gym to go hang out with friends becomes easier and easier each time. There should be a balance…
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3 tips you didn’t know for men facial care

Men facial care is something that more men should take into consideration. Face treatment for men is not uncommon nowadays as men are becoming more aware or concerned about their facial appearance. Men want to have a good appearance which is why some take a lot of time with their personal grooming routine. If you…
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Main differences in men body types and shapes

Before you head out to your weekly gym routine, or go for a run, you should know that there are different men body types and how it can affect your muscle growth. Knowing which  men body type you are allows you to have a more healthy body, and changing your routine to fir your body…
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