Monthly Archives: July 2016

Complete Body Therapy In 60 Minutes

Fast and easy way to trim your body to a lean shape while relaxing Men need to look lean and trim too! Men’s Skin Centre takes the hassle out of conventional slimming treatments with our effective Venus Freeze fat reduction, skin tightening and body contouring treatments. 1. All-over body therapy At Men’s Skin Centre, the…
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Rest, Relax and Trim Your Body While Lying Down

Pamper your body with Venus Freeze body spa and melt away flabby fat Venus Freeze is a revolutionary skin treatment that restores smooth body contours on the male body, eliminating ugly stomach fat and pot bellies. A Venus Freeze treatment feels like a relaxing spa session with fast and effective results, with zero need for…
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Non-surgical Alternative to Liposuction

Abdominal fat is a health risk. Now you can eliminate it easily and safely without liposuction. Men often suffer from unwanted fat especially around the waist and abdomen areas. It creates an unsightly overweight look on men with flabby love handles, arms, pot bellies and back. This layer of fat under the skin are caused…
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