Rest, Relax and Trim Your Body While Lying Down

Pamper your body with Venus Freeze body spa and melt away flabby fat

Venus Freeze is a revolutionary skin treatment that restores smooth body contours on the male body, eliminating ugly stomach fat and pot bellies. A Venus Freeze treatment feels like a relaxing spa session with fast and effective results, with zero need for surgery or injections.

1. Soothing and therapeutic

At Men’s Skin Centre, you will enjoy the comfortable and soothing treatment administered by our experienced and trained therapists. The warm and pleasant sensation of the Venus Freeze device is akin to a soothing massage. All you need to do is to lie down and relax as our therapists apply treatment gel on your skin and glide the Venus Freeze applicator along your skin with smooth movements. In fact, it may be so relaxing that men undergoing the treatment to combat their stomach bulges and body cellulite have even been found to take cat naps during sessions.

2. Integrated multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology

Using (MP)² technology, Venus Freeze integrates multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulsed fields to heat up skin cells with a dense heat matrix. The result is collagen synthesis, fibroblast proliferation and lipolysis. As skin temperature is elevated, stress hormones in the body are released and attach to fat cell receptors which further activate the lipase hormone that breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids. These free fatty acids then exit fat cells through the bloodstream, resulting in a smoother, more contoured shape.

3. Fast, easy and convenient without any down time

Venus Freeze is pain-free and does not cause any down time. As a non-invasive body treatment, it can be completed within 30-minute sessions. Visible results can be seen as early as within one month of weekly treatments.

A better, fitter and slimmer body silhouette for men with Venus Freeze

  • The skin areas around the stomach, arms, chest and back will reveal smoother, tighter skin
  • Cellulite on skin and stomach rolls can be significantly reduced within weeks
  • Stubborn body fat can be dissolved with visible signs of inch loss and circumferential reduction