Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal for MenPermanent Hair Removal for Men

The Safe and Most Effective Way to Remove Unwanted Hair


How Men’s Skin Centres’ Depilux™ Hair Free System Works?

Our  advanced Depilux™ Hair Free System quickly and effectively disables hair roots and prevents them from growing back. The system transmits pulsing light via the melanin pigment in the hair down into each follicle and uses heat to disable the hair-growth mechanism.

Body hair grows in three different cycles: active growth, regression and resting. Men’s Skin Centres’ Depilux™ Hair Free System is used in the active growth stage when hair follicles contain an abundance of melanin.
The unique benefits we offer include:

The Safest Technology

Depilux™ Hair Free System satisfied the European Medical Device Direction's (EMDD) stringent medical safety and reliability standards. As a result, the system bears the CE mark and is approved for long lasting hair reduction. Operating at a wavelength of 800nm, Depilux™ Hair Free System has been shown to be the safest and most effective form of light-activated hair removal there is. To further ensure the comfort of its clients, Depilux™ Hair Free System incorporates Dual Mode Filtering to eliminate all clinical non-relevant wavelengths and prevent adverse thermal effects.



Men's Skin Centres’ Depilux™ Hair Free System vs traditional hair removal methods

Hair Removal Method Permanent? Painful? How fast is it? Side effects/ Skin reaction?
Razor No Probable Fast Thicker re-grow hair
Depilatory shaver No Yes Fast Skin may be cut, dry or itchy
Tweezers Probable Yes Slow Thicker re-grow hair
Radiation Probable Yes Slow Side effects of burnt or scars/ hair re-grow
Electronic Probable Yes Slow Skin allergic reaction
Men's Skin Centres’ Depilux™
Hair Free System
Yes Slight tingling sensation Fast No side effects


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