“Why does my face keep breaking out?” a question many of us often ask ourselves, as we check ourselves in the mirror every morning. The answer, unsurprisingly, is often found within you. Look at your daily habits and routine or your food preferences and lifestyle, and you’d probably be able to identify which of the…
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Guys, You Need To Care For Your Face Too!

Gender assumptions do not really work these days. There are girls who are more into black than they are into pink and there are guys who do not feel shy about wearing pink at all. Sometimes, for all these assumptions, blame it on societal influences—maybe we weren't taught to change, and now don't know where…
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Saying No To Acnes And Scars!

Being a tropical country, Malaysia receives a healthy amount of sunlight throughout the year. Consequently, there is bound to be a lot humidity followed by sweating and skin oiliness, even during the night. So it is not entirely surprising for us to know that acnes and scars are actually very common amongst many Malaysians, regardless…
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