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Monthly Archives: December 2015

5 Grooming Tips That Can Apply As Life Lessons

We’re all familiar with the 5Cs that men are pressured to have to be called “successful”—career, cash, car, condo, and credibility. Although at some level these things are important, you should never forget there is more to life that pursing these worldly desires. Being a man is hard, and it’s especially harder to always be…
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First Stage – Burn

Break down localized pockets of fat and fat deposits Effectively Lose Belly Fat with the Tummy Sculpting Treatment Fizzy Cocoa Thermal Therapy Fizzy Cocoa Therapy is capable of helping you to detox, slim and recharge. It contains caffeine to stimulate fat combustion. It also contains polyphenols which neutralize free radicals and improve cell metabolism. Key…
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Second Stage – Drain

Drain away the fatty acids, glycerol & toxins Marine Detox Therapy Marine Detox Therapy comprises of a 3-step protocol to induce fat burning and detoxification. First, smart glove massage is used to break down fibrous congestions and stimulate blood circulation. An intensive massage is then applied to stimulate fat burning process. Finally, thermal seaweed mask…
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Third Stage – Sculpt

Firm, Lift & Tone Muscles & Tissues Tri Active Body Sculpting Therapy Tri-Active Body Sculpting Therapy combines the effects of scrub, vacuum massage, active serum and mask to provide a complete action on fatty tissues, blood and lymphatic circulation. Results are quick and visible after a course of treatments, with a more sculpted body and…
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