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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Is hair removal for men more painful?

The internet is full of videos of men going thru waxing, maybe over a lost bet or a dare from a friend, with an end result that is not too pleasant despite achieving a hairless outcome. However, women may go through some pain too, but is hair removal for men more painful? Well it depends…
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Foods for masculine muscle growth

We need food daily as it provides us energy through the carbohydrates and fats that we consume. On top of that, food is crucial for muscle growth as proper nutrition to your body can greatly increase your muscle mass, muscle growth, workout recovery period, and overall energy while you progress in a gym routine. Let’s…
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How a body wrap can get you a fit and toned body

Whenever a man thinks about body toning and having a healthy body, the first thing that would come to mind is achieving muscle growth. Weight lifting is probably the simplest form of exercise one can do to lose belly fat for that toned body, however it does take a very long time, a lot of…
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Body care benefits of boosting blood circulation

There are many types of body care that men can focus on to achieving a healthy body. Some might choose to focus more on having good personal grooming habits, while others might focus more on muscle growth and achieving a 6-pack. However, other than physical activities for body care, you might have heard people talk…
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