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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Muscle Growth Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Most people think that muscle growth is a difficult thing to achieve. In order to induce muscle growth, they think that they should spend hours on end in the gym. What if I told you that there are other less demanding ways for body toning? Here are 8 tips to increase muscles: MANIPULATE CALORIC INTAKE…
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3 Reasons Why Personal Grooming is Important

Some might still believe that a rough and rugged male is a ‘real man’. A good looking but dirty car mechanic might appear on your mind, as this type of men can get all the ladies’ attention. It might be like that in the past, but in today’s standards, modern men take personal grooming very…
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IPL Hair Removal vs Traditional Hair Removal Treatments

Hair removal used to be a habit that is strictly for females only, but now men invest more time and money on their personal appearance. As men opt for more personal grooming habits like skin care and body toning, it is not surprising that they will take an interest in body hair removal products and…
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Looking at Men’s Personal Grooming

Beauty has always been a priority for women, taking considerable amount of time and money improving their physical appearance. But for the past several years, there has been an increase of personal grooming with men, showing a rising acceptance of the habit around the world. A number of beauty and personal care products catering specifically…
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