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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Spot and Solve Common Facial Problems

Men & women: same yet different. One differing point is our oily skin. Once puberty hits, men have higher sebum secretion and longer lasting acne problems as compared to women. This fact combined with the lack of knowledge in men skin care leaves a lasting effect, one of shame and lack of confidence. Skin care…
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Why men should start prioritizing personal grooming

Every man has his personal style. Style speaks volumes about you. It’s the first impression people get, and therefore, something vital to consider. It can make or break because nowadays, people are being more cautious towards how they present themselves.  Style can vary from sharp, hipster, boy-next-door, grunge, corporate, to heaps more. Needless to say,…
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3 Ways to Effectively Boost Your Muscle Growth

Did you know that testosterone is the male hormone that promotes muscle growth? It reaches its peak between the ages of sixteen (16) to eighteen (18), and then stabilizes when you reach your twenties (20s). It then declines from then on. This doesn’t mean though, that muscle growth is hard to attain after the adolescent…
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The All-in-One Face Treatment for Men

Can’t decide on the myriad of facials for men? Confused about all the factors you would have to consider before having one? Are you looking for the holy grail of face treatments? Well you need not worry because we, at Men’s Skin Centres, have the answers. At Men’s Skin Centres we offer a face treatment…
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