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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Don’t Sweat It: Get a Perfectly Toned Body Fast

It’s absurd to think that a toned body can be attained without all the time spent in the gym…or is it? Have you ever felt so exhausted coming from work that you can’t bring yourself to start on your New Year’s resolution to work out? Have you ever found that your relationship with your significant…
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Why It’s Better To Go Bare Chest

According to a journal found in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 80 per cent of women favour comparatively hair-free men. When women were asked to compare a man’s attractiveness from having chest hair versus the same man going bare, only 20 per cent of the women were found to favour the hairy version. Scientists and…
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Top 3 Men Facial Treatments for Asian Skin

The world is ever-changing, and there’s a need for men to always be on top of their game. No doubt, personal grooming is necessary whether it is in regard to career or relationships. Facial treatments targeted for men are now available far and wide. With countless choices, how do you know which one is the…
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