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THERMAL SEAWEED TREATMENT RM460 (85 minutes) A thermal relaxing facial treatment that comes with double-layered seaweed masks. The multi-active concentrate containing pure marine active ingredients instantly revitalize and oxygenate the skin. The skin is energized and restores its healthy condition. Targets: Mature Skin Skin with poor health due to stress, illness etc Benefits: Deeply moisturizes…
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Thought you have done it all by deep cleansing and hydrating but yet still having dull and lack of luster...

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CORRECT - PURIFY Facial for Men as an Oily Skin Solution. Being perched on top of your game requires you to keep moving and pushing forward. In response to the constant stress, your sweat glands may start overworking and resulting in excessive oil secretion. Excessive oil secretion coupled with dirt particles in the environment resulted…
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