Looking For A New Way To Sustain Good Health And Skin? Try Coconut Oil

You have heard and read all about eating right and frequent exercising as ways to maintain a good health. But do you know that you can make use of oil as part of the equation too? Not just any oil, but one that we have heard time and time again due to all the good things associated with it. Of course, we’re talking about none other than coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not widely called a “superfood” for nothing. Its benefits are diverse, as it ranges from having health-improving properties to providing elements that enhance one’s physical appearance. It contains a high level of fats called medium chain triglycerides, which make up a lot of the health benefits many are familiar with. Some of the reasons people love using coconut oil over the years include it's propensities to increase fat burning, increase good cholesterol, improve satiety and reduce stress among others. It also does wonders to one’s skin, hair and dental health. Coconut oil’s effectiveness is well-documented in a lot of studies with scientific evidences, with some showing that it could even play a role to slow down progression of Alzheimer’s disease as well as prevent liver disease.

Having coconut oil in your diet is one of the best decisions you can make for your overall health. Its use cases are just as diverse - you can eat it directly, use it as cooking oil, or even bake with it. If you cook your own meals, you can add one or two tablespoons of coconut oil and cook it with vegetables eggs, meat or fish. Coconut oil can be substituted for oil or butter in a 1:1 ratio in most recipes. You can also use it coat on meat before rubbing seasonings on it. An easier way to incorporate coconut oil into your daily meals is to add it to your drinks such as coffee, tea or protein shakes. You can definitely get creative as there are no limits to what you can do with it.

The benefits of coconut oil do not just come from directly consuming it as you can also apply it on certain areas on your body. One of the most popular ways to utilise coconut oil is to apply it on the hair. It is well-known to moisturize dry hair and scalp, prevent frizz and add shine to your locks. For those with hair growth problem which is a common issue among men, coconut oil is said to be capable of helping to grow thicker, longer and healthier hair. It works great as DIY hair mask or leave-in treatment too.

Similarly, you can use coconut oil on your skin thanks to its wound-healing properties. If you have skin disorders such as eczema and contact dermatitis which result in dry, itchy, and scaly skin, coconut oil can help reduce irritation, inflammation and itching as well as lower the risk of infection. Do you know that it works on the face too? Numerous research have shown that the anti-inflammatory nature as well as antibacterial properties of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil can help treat acne by killing off the strain of bacteria linked to acne. However, do note that coconut oil may not be suitable for you if you have oily skin as it could block pores and cause blackheads.

It does not stop there as some there are claims that coconut oil is also good for the teeth. It contains lauric acid that kills bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis) and bad breath. Swishing oil around your mouth for around 15-20 minutes - a practice known as “oil pulling” - can apparently reduce plaque buildup significantly and whiten teeth in the process.

With such wholesome goodness linked to it, you owe it to yourselves to take full advantage of coconut oil. The good news is that it is readily available and doesn’t cost much. You can get it easily from a lot of places. Even a little goes a long way and your health and skin will thank you for it.