Ask The Expert: What Is The Best Way To Invest In Your Youth?

We have been taught from young to start investing early, so as to reap maximum returns when we are old. While we may need to forgo some of our luxuries to put aside funds for investments, taking a long-term approach with wise and consistent investments can ensure that you have those extra moolahs later on.

The same goes for our skin. While financial investments are definitely of utmost importance, have you ever thought of investing early in your skincare to keep your ROI high?

Being at the prime of your life as a young adult, it is only normal to spend many nights clubbing away and weekends working out under the sun. Without investing in a good skincare from young, all the damages you put on your skin today are going to show up as wrinkles, sagginess, and lack of radiance. With Youth Bank, you can now start your skincare regime early since prevention is always easier than reversal. Your ROI? Healthy and youthful looking skin even when you are in your thirties and forties.

Here are 4 tips to bank your youth to make sure that you have good skin regardless of whether you are in your 20s or 60s.

1. Load up on anti-oxidants

The best way to bank in your youth and have perfect skin is to stay healthy, and the best way is to consume enough anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are natural substances that can provide protection against the effects of damaging free radicals that causes premature ageing. Eat more anti-oxidant rich food like berries, dark green vegetables, green tea, whole grains and salmon to load up on antioxidants.

2. Stay hydrated

It is a known fact that hydration is the foundation of good skin. Drinks lots of water and apply moisturizer regularly to keep your skin hydrated from inside out. When your skin is dehydrated, it will lose its elasticity and it will be more prone to wrinkling.

Always keep your skin hydrated and get started on your defence against ageing. Start young and invest in your youth so that you will look great even decades from now. Time Invest range of products enables a man to make early gains in order to look great even decades from now.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

The sun accounts for the majority of our visible ageing signs like pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. Living in a tropical climate like ours, it is impractical to try and stay out of the sun all the time. However, we must always remind ourselves to make sure that we use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day to prevent premature ageing that is caused by all the UV rays.

Start building your portfolio now with Time Lock and lock in your investment to ensure that your skin is kept youthful. This range of products bring brightness and repair to the skin at its cellular level and help to minimise pigmentation while ensuring that your skin looks plump and supple in the most glorious way possible.

4. Do a facial massage everyday

As we age and our skin starts to head southwards, it is important to start investing in good skin firming and lifting creams and do facial massages to prevent saggy skin. It is time to reverse signs of ageing for a lifted and youthful look. There are many facial massaging devices in the market to help you with your facial massage, but using your hands, together with a good anti-ageing cream works equally well too.

Turn back the hands of time with Time Reverse that are developed with an agent called CellIntegrity™. Carefully cultivated from Raspberry Cultured Stem Cell, it neutralises harmful oxidising pollutants, while reducing the skin’s inflammation.

Men’s Skin Centres introduces Youth Bank - The place to undo the signs of ageing or arrest them even before they begin. The promise of youthful skin at any age.

Youth Bank combines the expert touch of facial treatments by Men’s Skin Centres Specialists with a daily home regimen to protect and preserve your skin’s youth capital. Choose from the three skincare ranges – Time Reverse, to undo the signs of ageing; Time Lock, to prolong your skin’s best years; and Time Invest, to delay the ageing process before it begins.

The earlier you invest, the more your skin gains.

Start your Youth Bank venture today. Youth Bank is available at all Men’s Skin Centres. Call 1800-22-7333 for enquiries.