News Update

Dear Men's Skin Centre Friends and Customers,


During 2013 Men's Skin Centres has been listening to you, our friends and customers. we have  taken some time to reflect on what that means for Men's Skin Centres, if our brands are to maintain their status as part of your life and beauty regime.


Based on our reflections the Men's Skin Centres management team has set our sights to bring you a new Medical Aesthetics experience. Asian customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with cosmetic enhancements. But rather than seeking these in a clinical medical environment, what you have told us is that you desire a more relaxed spa-styled retreat, where you have access to a full cosmetic specialists, and before and after care for your aesthetic procedure.


Our parent company, Global Beauty International Group, will open our first Medical Aesthetics Beauty Retreat in Malaysia in January 2014.


Following its decision to fully commit to the Medical Aesthetics Beauty Retreat, our parent company, Global Beauty International Group, decided to "slim" down our geographic footprint, concentrating on our more natural and established cosmetic beauty markets. As such, since summer 2013, Men's Skin Centres operations in China are no longer part of the Group.  Global Beauty International Group will continue Men's Skin Centres operations in Hong Kong and our South East Asian markets.


We look forward to the coming months when we will be able to unveil the exciting details of our new Aesthetics Beauty Retreat in Malaysia.


Until then,


Amy Quek

Chief Executive Officer



Q1. Is there any change to my package?

A1. here is no change to your package. You may continue to enjoy all your current benefits.


Q2. Why did you sell Men's Skin Centres in China?

A2. For some time our customers have been asking for more sophisticated surgical-type procedures. During 2013 we've been reviewing our business in light of these requests, and decided to invest in new medical aesthetic equipment and a day retreat facility where the treatments can be carried out. This investment has necessitated us to focus on our more mature and established markets, so decided to sell our Men's Skin Centres in China.


Q3. Will you be selling other businesses?

A3. China is the only market where we will no longer operate the Men's Skin Centres brand.


Q4. Will there be any changes at my treatment center? Will my therapist change?

A4. No, everything at the Men's Skin Centres in Hong Kong and South East Asia will remain the same.