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THERMOGENESIS AdipoX Therapy (For upper body)


Are you tired of being weighed down by unwanted pounds? Do you yearn to break free from the constraints of excess weight and step into a revitalised version of yourself?

Introducing Thermogenesis AdipoX Therapy Step into a new era of self-improvement with this revolutionary therapy, which merges the realms of advanced technology and holistic wellness into an unparalleled breakthrough experience. A bespoke fat-buster therapy zeroes in on stubborn fat, tailored to manifest your aspirations into reality, where science ignites wellness, and your strength is redefined.

AdipoX Therapy

Experience the Revolutionary Power of Fat-busting

Experience the Revolutionary Power of Fat-busting

Our therapy leverages temperature to ignite your body's natural fat-burning processes, turbocharging metabolism for efficient calorie burning and granting you a competitive edge in achieving your desired weight loss objectives.

Dynamic Fat Reduction

Dynamic Fat Reduction

Thermogenesis synergises multiple technologies via different machines, offering a comprehensive fat reduction approach. These technologies target various body contouring aspects like fat cell reduction, skin elasticity enhancement and collagen stimulation. This fusion amplifies treatment effectiveness, delivering superior results.

Personalised Approach

Personalised Approach

Recognising individual uniqueness, we provide personalised focus to your weight loss journey. Our skilled experts collaborate with you to customise Thermogenesis AdipoX Therapy, ensuring optimal result.

Visible Lasting Results

Visible Lasting Results

Stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen or upper arms can resist typical methods. Thermogenesis combines technologies to precisely break down these fat deposits, effectively sculpting the body.


  • Targeted Stubborn Fat
  • Sculpted and contoured physique
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Increases Muscle Density


  • Abdomen
  • Arms

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dream sculpted body.

Don't just dream of your goals, take action today, say goodbye to the struggles and hello to a transformed you. Embark on your new journey with Thermogenesis AdipoX Therapy and be on your way to a more svelte, poised, revitalised version of yourself.

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