Reinvigorate your skin and
achieve a natural youthful glow.


RM69 SAVES 80% (Normal: RM350)

Reverse signs of aging

Excellent in retaining skin moisture

Immediate firming & toning

HA stands for Hyaluronic Acid - a natural hydration reservoir of our skin. HA Hydration System Plus rejuvenates and nourishes dehydrated skin, by renewing and healing through a non-invasive transdermal technology treatment. Completed with a luxurious marine collagen mask to further infuse nutrients, plump up fine lines, leaving your skin feeling smooth, supple and refreshed.

Featuring the Calming, Soothing and Hydrating Rose Essential Flora and a 100% Collagen Mask for a total indulgence of sheer pampering!

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Restore elasticity and youthfulness Restore elasticity
& youthfulness
Anti-aging & skin rejuvenation Anti-aging
& skin rejuvenation
Boost cell regeneration up to 40% faster Boost cell regeneration
up to 40% faster
Deep cellular hydration & moisture retention Deep cellular hydration
& moisture retention
Anti-inflammation & anti-oxidant Anti-inflammation
& anti-oxidant
Enhance product absorption & efficacy Enhance product
absorption & efficacy

Recommended for:

  • Skin with wrinkles & fine lines
  • Dehydrated & flaky skin
  • Stressed & sagging skin
  • Dull & uneven skin tone

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