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Bella Skin Care and Personal Grooming can make you a member of our Privilege Club

The Royalty Privilege Club

We at the Bella Skin Care and Men’s Skin Centres are very pleased to introduce you our royalty privilege club. We will do our best to make you feel homely. As a token of our appreciation for your continuous support and confidence, we are relaunching the Bella Skin Care and Men’s Skin Centres privilege club to reward you. Through this loyalty programme, you will get 5 points for every RM100 you spent which is redeemable for treatments. In addition, we would like to pamper you during your birthday month by giving you free treatment, free points and higher accumulation points for every RM you spent. We also acknowledged the fact that happiness is only real when shared. Thus, we would strongly encourage you to share this information with your family and friends. Bring along your family and friends and we will reward both of you! Nothing is more satisfying for us than seeing you, your family and friends achieving beautiful and flawless skin at affordable price. At Bella Skin Care and Men’s Skin Centres, we strive to make you feel like a royalty for your loyalty.

Welcome to our Royal family as a Prince or Princess

Be a Prince or Princess when you spent RM2,500 in a month. The Prince and Princess membership is valid for a year.

Congratulate of being our Duke or Duchess!!

When you spent RM20,000 in 3 months or 30,000 in 6 months, you will get the title of Duke and Duchess. You can enjoy your Duke & Duchess title for up to 3 years. What’s more? The title can be renewed with purchase of RM2,500 in a single receipt within month 34th – 36th! As simple as that, you can continue to enjoy the privileges for 3 more years!

Why not to be a King & Queen to enjoy a life time privileges?

When you purchase up to RM50,000 in 3 months or RM80,000 in 12 months, you will be given a life time membership as King & Queen title. No renewal required!*

Privileges Prince & Princess Duke & Duchess King & Queen Remarks
Reward Points during birthday month with any purchase Double Double Triple Birthday month only
Free facial as birthday treats
Free treatment & product rebate voucher
Bring a friend celebration Friend will enjoy 50% discount on any facial treatment.
Special birthday celebration(for active member only) N/A Mystery gift Mystery gift
Special invitation to pre-launch new treatment Anytime
Product discounts 5% 10% 15% Anytime
Friends get Friends
1 friend - 250 reward points
3 friends - 1,000 reward points
Each friend recommended with a minimum purchase of RM1,500 in a single receipt.

Tempted to join our monarch family? We always ready to further assist you!

If you have not been able to find the answer to your enquiry on this website, please contact our nearest centers for more information or email to us. We will endeavour to give you an answer within 7 working days, but probably much sooner! We look forward to welcome and pamper your royal highness!

Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Reward points cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
  • Redemption orders once accepted by Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged.
  • Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres reserves the right to refuse the redemption of any gift or recall the redeemed item(s) if Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres has any reason to suspect the points were fraudulently accumulated by the members or wrongly recorded.
  • Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres reserves the right to exclude any signature program or treatment from time to time as gift.
  • Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.
  • Bella Skin Care & Men’s Skin Centres may change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.